Jayanth Chennamangalam

Jayanth Chennamangalam


I have an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Mahatma Gandhi University College of Engineering, and have worked as a software engineer in the industry (Wipro and Huawei), and in academia (Raman Research Institute). Significant parts of my PhD work at West Virginia University, including work done with the CASPER group at the University of California Berkeley and subsequent postdoctoral work at the University of Oxford involved astronomical instrumentation, including building heterogeneous (FPGA + GPU) spectrometers and developing real-time data analysis software.

Following my astronomy career, I worked at Skycope/智空未来, where I built deep learning systems to detect and identify rogue drones in protected airspaces. Subsequently, I worked at Huami, where I applied deep learning in the estimation of physiological parameters using data from wearable devices.

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